Rothfus to talk Medicare in Tampa

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PA12 Republican Keith Rothfus will speak to the Republican National Convention Monday, probably in the slot reserved for congressional candidates after the convention's 2 p.m. launch.

UPDATE Monday 10AM from the Rothfus camp:

Due to the cancellation of Monday's events at the Republican National Convention, Keith Rothfus is now scheduled to speak Tuesday, August 28th at approximately 3:00pm. Rothfus was invited to speak about his personal struggle with cancer and the importance of defending the doctor-patient relationship and saving Medicare for our seniors. The speech can be seen live on CSPAN.

Rothfus plans to speak on the politically-risky subject of Medicare, though the lens of his 2006 diagnosis of advanced colon cancer, one month before the birth of his sixth child (a "regular guy" worry if there ever was one). From the Rothfus camp:

Pittsburgh, PA – Keith Rothfus, Republican candidate for the Twelfth Congressional District of Pennsylvania, will be addressing the Republican National Convention in Tampa on Monday. Rothfus was invited to speak about his personal struggle with cancer and the importance of defending the doctor-patient relationship and saving Medicare for our seniors.

“I am honored and humbled to accept the invitation to speak on behalf of the citizens from Pennsylvania’s 12th Congressional District on the importance of defending our doctors, patients, and seniors from the threat of Obamacare," Rothfus said.  "As a cancer survivor, there is no subject more personal to me than our nation’s health.  As a son with parents on Medicare, there is nothing more troubling to me than the $700 billion stolen from Medicare to pay for Obamacare.  And as a southwestern Pennsylvanian, there is nothing more pressing than getting the people of Southwest PA back to work.  We must do all we can to better our nation’s health care, defend and strengthen Medicare, and bring jobs back to the American people – I am excited to take Pennsylvania’s fight to the national level.”


Medicare of course is one of the major issues in the Sewickley attorney's race against U.S. Rep. Mark Critz, D-Johnstown, and the Democrat's spokesman Mike Mikus was quick to tie Rothfus to the health voucher plans forwarded by VP pick Paul Ryan:


"It is not surprising that Keith Rothfus will be in Tampa defending the Rothfus/Ryan Budget that ends Medicare by turning it into a voucher program and costs senior citizens and additional $6,400 for health care all so he can pay for more tax cuts for the wealthy. Instead of sucking up to party insiders in Tampa, Keith Rothfus should be explaining to the people of Western Pennsylvania why he will force seniors to pay more for their health care so millionaires can receive hundreds of thousands of dollars in additional tax breaks."


PA GOP clings to links between Wolf, Obama

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The campaigns of The Battling Toms seem to be taking a break from television production, but fear not: Politics PA noticed earlier in the week that the state Republican party has filled in with a doozy of its own.

Pennsylvania Republican Party, "Looking for Weapons"

What's new: While speaking at the Penn State Ag Progress Days near State College last week, Tom Wolf insulted rural Pennsylvanians with a comment about looking for weapons as he met folks there. In fact, it reminded us a lot of the "clinging to guns and religion" comment candidate Barack Obama made about rural Pennsylvanians during the 2008 campaign. 

What's not: Mr. Wolf and President Obama are practically the same guy!

Bottom line: "Tom Wolf / Barack Obama -- looking down their noses ... for your guns."

Random things we noticed: Someone is still angry about that "guns and religion" thing. A couple things seem to be missing. First? Production values. The minute-long spot looks like it took about that much time to produce). Also absent: logic. Sure, it wasn't a great joke by Mr. Wolf -- the one about being mistaken for Edgar Snyder was much better -- but it did get some laughs. To get from that to the ad's conclusion is quite a leap. 


Rick Perry's vanishing endorsement

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perry endorse small

Just a few days after the state's primary election, Gov. Tom Corbett and a special guest showed up at an event in Washington County to talk about energy, jobs and taxes.

Corbett and his guest -- Texas Gov. Rick Perry -- tossed barbs at Tom Wolf, Corbett's newly minted Democratic opponent, and Mr. Wolf's plans to levy extraction taxes on the companies drilling in Pennsylvania's Marcellus Shale deposits.

The partnership between Gov. Corbett and Gov. Perry didn't stop there -- the Texan, a conservative darling to sought the Republican presidential nomination in 2012, formally endorsed the Pennsylvania's run for re-election, and the Corbett campaign trumpeted Gov. Perry's stamp of approval everywhere it could.

Ahh, those were the days.

The indictment of Gov. Perry on two felony charges last week seems to have caused a change of heart on the part of Corbett campaign officials. The folks at Poliwoops noticed over the weekend that a tweet touting Perry's endorsement had vanished from the Corbett campaign's twitter stream. And the folks at Politics PA noticed that the endorsement video featuring Perry seems to have disappeared from the Corbett campaign website.

Need a refresher on the latter? The pro-Wolf PAC Fresh Start has helpfully posted a copy:

The political future of Gov. Perry is uncertain, after he was indicted by a grand jury in relation to his veto of funds for an Austin, Texas-based prosecutor who ran a powerful anti-corruption office. The part that's easy to see? The folks running the campaign of Gov. Corbett think they'll do better without indicted friends from Texas.


Corbett, Wolf show off comedy chops

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Why worry about writing your own political snark when the candidates do it for you?

Gov. Tom Corbett and Tom Wolf each took a stab at comedy Wednesday night at the Pittsburgh Improv Club in Homestead as part of Candidates Comedy Night, an annual event to raise money for Allegheny County Department of Human Services youth programs.

The opponents in this fall's race for Gov. Corbett's seat mostly stayed away from poking at each other -- they have attack ads for that -- although the Jeep that guest-starred in many of Wolf's early campaign ads took a beating from the incumbent.

A few other brave pols shared the Improv stage with Gov. Corbett, Mr. Wolf and the Post-Gazette's own Gene Collier, who served as the evening's emcee. How'd they do? Here's a look:

Not bad. But it's probably a good thing they all have day jobs.


Corbett and Wolf: new ads, old claims

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The Battling Toms each released new attack ads on Tuesday, but for the most part, the new spots are short on new themes.

Tom Wolf, "Get Real"

What's new: Claim that almost 80 percent of the state's school districts are raising property taxes because of Gov. Corbett's education cuts. A mention of increased gasoline taxes that were part of Gov. Corbett's transportation funding plan.

What's not: The $1 billion in education cuts. Pennsylvania doesn't levy natural gas extraction taxes. Standing up for the middle class for a change.

Bottom line: "I'll be a governor who stands up for the middle class for a change."

Random things we noticed: Really sad piano music. And does Mr. Wolf seem too nice to do effective attack ads?

Tom Corbett, "More and less"

What's new: Claim that Mr. Wolf pays income taxes at a rate less than half of the average Pennsylvanian.

What's not: Mr. Wolf is a millionaire. He wants to raise taxes on many middle class Pennsylvanians. He moved his company to Delaware. The actress who explains all these things.

Bottom line: "Tom Wolf -- higher taxes for you, less for him."

Random things we noticed: Even sadder piano music. And by letting the previously mentioned actress do the ad's narration, does Gov. Corbett appear to remain above the fray?