Pgh stars in Rick Perry ad

Published by Tim McNulty on .

Pittsburgh -- and U.S. Steel -- star in the latest ad from the Rick Perry campaign, which they turned around after the GOP candidate's visit Friday.

The upbeat spot is full of roadside images from the Mon Valley and interior shots from the U.S. Steel Irvin works (which makes the steel coil used to make oil and gas pipelines, among other goods) and has this line from the beginning of his Friday speech: "It is great to be on the outskirts of Pittsburgh, a city built on the work, hopes and dreams of blue-collar American workers."

Back in Texas, the Houston Chronicle's Perry blog is less than impressed:

The new Perry web ad, which feels like a lower budget trailer for the movie Armageddon, shows Perry unveiling his jobs plan at a U.S. Steel plant just outside of Pittsburgh and features the sort of swelling strings, “authentic” amounts of shaky cam, and lots of slow motion shots of American flags that you’d expect from a Jerry Bruckheimer movie. And besides the nearly endless use of handheld cameras (this isn’t Battlestar Galactica people), does anyone else think that speeding up the clips of Perry talking to the steel workers, dumping the natural sound and replacing it with swelling strings just all feels a bit discombobulated?

Expect a much shorter version of that ad to show up on television in an early primary state near you

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