Rothfus debuts "regular guy" ad

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On the same day national Republicans are running their first Pittsburgh ad attacking Johnstown incumbent Democrat Mark Critz, his opponent Keith Rothfus has entered the TV market too but with an upbeat spot.

The ad shows the Sewickley attorney fixing his daughter's bike, mowing the lawn and grilling hot dogs. "He's a regular guy, and he's running for Congress," the spot says.

Prepare to see a lot of Rothfus ads. He's bought time through the rest of this month all the way to election day. Here's a look at the buys just over the next few weeks on KDKA-TV alone.

Besides his hot dog grilling acumen, Rothfus is a cancer survivor and Buffalo native who worked in the Bush administration and for Pat Roberson's Regent University in Virginia. Here's a bio I did during his 2010 GOP primary run against former US Attorney Mary Beth Buchanan.

UPDATE 2 PM: The Critz campaign responds:

Congressional candidate Keith Rothfus’ first television commercial attempts to portray him as a regular guy despite the fact that his personal finance reports show that he is personally worth up to $12 million. The spot also omits very important details including Rothfus’ support for the Ryan Budget that ends Medicare as we know and forces seniors to pay an additional $6,400 for health care to pay for tax cuts for the wealthy. The ad also doesn’t disclose that Rothfus supports unfair trade agreements that ship jobs overseas to countries like China and India.

“Keith Rothfus continues to run a deceptive campaign rather than explain why he wants to end Medicare as we know it which will cost seniors an additional $6,400 per year for health care, all to pay for more tax cuts for the wealthy,” Mark Critz for Congress spokesman Mike Mikus said. “Keith Rothfus is worth millions of dollars and he is on the record supporting unfair trade deals that ship jobs overseas. Those positions portray a candidate who is anything but a regular guy.”

A factcheck from the Democrat's campaign is available here.

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