NRCC swings again at Critz

Published by Tim McNulty on .

The National Republican Congressional Committee is running its latest attack ad on Mark Critz, again hitting the Johnstown Democrat for votes in favor of some parts of Obamacare. (Critz has long said he would have voted against the health bill, but favors its planks on preexisting conditions, expanding prescription drug coverage and keeping young adults on family plans.)

It's similar to the NRCC's last ad in the Pittsburgh market.

Critz spokesman Mike Mikus responded:

“Keith Rothfus and his allies aren’t telling the truth.  Mark Critz opposed the Obama Health care bill and the $700 billion dollars in Medicare cuts. He even voted to repeal the individual mandate. The real difference is Keith Rothfus supports privatizing Medicare to pay for more tax cuts for millionaires and supports unfair trade deals that ship jobs overseas, costing Pennsylvanians thousands of jobs.”

Ad script after jump:


ANNOUNCER: It's simple – you're either on the side of Washington bureaucrats or Pennsylvania families.

Mark Critz? It's clear what side he's on.

Critz consistently voted to keep ObamaCare which could kill thousands of Pennsylvania jobs.

It's another tax on small businesses and it cuts Medicare by $700 billion.

Mark Critz – says one thing, does another.

He's not on our side.

DISCLAIMER: The National Republican Congressional Committee is responsible for the content of this advertising.


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