SEIU ad tackles "millionaire" Rothfus

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The presidential race may be bypassing Pennsylvania (the latest attack spots from Americans For Prosperity are running in 11 swing states, but not Pa) but at least the PA12 race is showing some life.

The post Labor Day campaign season took off with two new ads from the NRCC and the Keith Rothfus campaign yesterday, and today the Service Employees International Union is running another spot targeting the "millionaire" Republican challenger and thereby supporting Democratic incumbent Mark Critz. (Hmm, we know the SEIU acts independently of the labor-savvy Critz campaign, but we've heard that millionaire line somewhere before.)

"Keith Rothfus? He's for millionaires, not for people like us," one SEIU member says, followed by another saying "He should be more concerned with Pennsylvania working families than with millionaires."

The 30-second spot also mentions the free trade and Medicare attack lines the Critz campaign commonly uses.

UPDATE 1:48PM The Rothfus campaign responds:

Pittsburgh, PA - As if it wasn't bad enough that Nancy Pelosi had to come run distraction for her friend Congressman Critz, now the far-left leadership of the SEIU, who President Obama told, "Your agenda is my agenda," is continuing the disgraceful campaign filled with nothing but class warfare and distractions. It is the President Obama and Congressman Critz agenda that has failed middle class America and left us with over 8% unemployment, including 9.3% unemployment in Mr. Critz's home county of Cambria. It is that agenda that has sent our tax dollars to China in droves and caused our national debt to reach over $16 trillion just this week. Those concerned about losing their Medicare know that Congressman Critz voted in support of the $700 billion raid of Medicare in President Obama's healthcare. And if Congressman Critz wants to divide us and wage war on "millionaires", I challenge him to return every cent of campaign contributions from millionaires and corporations.

Congressman Critz voted for Nancy Pelosi for speaker and she returned the favor. Now that Congressman Critz has supported the agenda of the far-left SEIU leadership and President Obama, they're returning the favor too. We do not need any more evidence to tell us just how out of touch Congressman Critz really is with Southwestern Pennsylvania; the special-interest help from the far-left will not save his failed political career.

UPDATE 3PM. And from the NRCC's Nat Sillin:

"Talk about 'not on our side', Mark Critz supports gutting over $700 billion from seniors' Medicare to pay for ObamaCare. It's unsurprising Critz has his attack dogs trying to divert attention from his record of voting to support President Obama nearly 70% of the time and voting to support ObamaCare 20 times."

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