Rothfus swings back on China

Published by Tim McNulty on .

The Keith Rothfus campaign is out with a new ad today defending the Republican against Democratic attacks on policies favoring outsourcing jobs to China.

As usual for his ads this season, the spot starts out upbeat. "The closest Keith Rothfus has been with China is when he's ordered takeout for his family," it says, before going on to say that the political referees at Factcheck don't agree with Democratic attacks on outsourcing claims. They're based on the assumption that signers of the Americans for Tax Reform no-tax-increase pledge (such as Rothfus) are against closing any tax loopholes, including for firms outsourcing work overseas.

In reality, argues the Republican's spot, by serving in Congress with fellow Democrat Barack Obama in the White House at a time when the nation's debt (much of it held by China) has hit $16 trillion, it says Critz is the one cozying up to the Asian giant. To make sure the point gets across, it superimposes Critz over the Great Wall, and shows a fortune cookie.

As we know from Critz's first spot airing this week, he's quick to claim he's no fan of the Obama administration either. We'll update when the Democrat's campaign responds.

UPDATE from Critz camp:

Congressional candidate Keith Rothfus' today launched another false, negative ad that attempts to hide his strong support for unfair trade deals that ship American jobs overseas. It also fails to mention that he is backed by groups that oppose ending China's practice of currency manipulation which gives Chinese companies an unfair advantage, costing Americans jobs. The ad falsely attacks Mark Critz's record on jobs and reducing the debt. In fact, Mark Critz is a leading proponent in Congress to end China's currency manipulation and has opposed every unfair trade deal that kills American jobs. Critz also voted for bi-partisan legislation to reduce our national debt by $2 trillion.

"Keith Rothfus may not have been to China, but the policies that he supports are shipping Pennsylvania jobs there by the tens-of-thousands," Critz spokesman Mike Mikus said. "Mark Critz voted to reduce the national debt by $2 trillion, opposed every single unfair trade deal and has fought to make China play by the rules. Keith Rothfus supports job-killing, unfair trade deals and is proud to receive the backing of the Club for Growth and FreedomWorks who said that China's currency manipulation is good for us even though it kills jobs here. That's the difference in this race."

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