Latest NRCC spot on Critz

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Advertising continues in Pennsylvania's most heated congressional race.

If you were watching football yesterday you probably saw the latest ad from the National Republican Congressional Committee hitting Mark Critz, this time for voting in favor of parts of Obamacare and other matters. (The script is after the jump.)

UPDATE The Critz camp responded:

Congressional Candidate Keith Rothfus' allies began airing a false negative ad that distorts Mark Critz's record in Congress. The facts show that Mark Critz opposed the Obama Health care bill when it was voted on in Congress. He even voted to repeal the law's individual mandate and the medical device tax. Despite the NRCC's false claim regarding the gas tax, Mark Critz has never voted to increase the gas tax. In fact, there has not been a vote on increasing the gas tax since Mark Critz took office in 2010.

"Keith Rothfus and his allies know that voters in Western Pennsylvania are rejecting his support for unfair trade deals that ship jobs overseas, so they continue to launch false negative attacks on Mark Critz," Critz spokesman Mike Mikus said. "Mark Critz opposed the health care bill when it passed and voted to eliminate the law's individual mandate and the medical device tax. The real difference is Keith Rothfus would turn Medicare into a voucher program to pay for more tax cuts for millionaires, costing seniors an additional $6,400 per year for health care."

ANNOUNCER: The word is out about Mark Critz.

MARK CRITZ: Its being said that I say one thing and I do another.

ANNOUNCER: No wonder.

When Candidate Critz says he opposes ObamaCare,

Then Congressman Critz voted to keep implementing it.

Critz says gas prices are too high,

Then he says we need to raise the gas tax.

Mark Critz, says one thing, does another.

Clearly he's not on our side.

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