Union ad: Rothfus a "phony"

Published by Tim McNulty on .

It's only mid-September but we have what looks to be the most brutal ad in Pennsylvania for 2012 (at least since the Raja-Mustio race).

The American Federation of State, County and Municipal Employees (AFSCME) is up with an ad attacking PA12 Republican Keith Rothfus for his "regular guy" ad, noting that financial disclosure documents show he's a milliionaire lawyer, and (repeating attacks from Democrat Mark Critz and his allies) that he supports free trade policies that hurt domestic jobs.

"Don't be fooled. Keith Rothfus? He's just a regular phony," the spot ends.

AFSCME has made a 3-week buy in the Pittsburgh market.

UPDATE from Rothfus spokesman Jonathan Raso:

"Keith Rothfus has been on Wall Street a tourist...but Congressman Critz and his outside special interest groups continue to shamefully demonize the fact that Keith worked at a small firm here in Pittsburgh – on Stanwix Street, not Wall Street – that worked with BNY Mellon in their software negotiations. By that logic, the 7,500 local employees at BNY Mellon are all "wall street workers" – it shows you just how out of touch they are with Western Pennsylvanians. All that matters for the liberal incumbent is saving his political career by hiding his support of President Obama's failed policies that have brought us unacceptable levels of unemployment, over $16 trillion in debt, higher gas prices, average family income declining, higher energy bills, and more Americans simply dropping out of the work force than are finding jobs. But the outside sponsors of this ad have now endorsed both President Obama and Congressman Critz for a second term. The only "phony" in this race is Congressman Critz with his political games, and I think we've all had quite enough."

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