Metcalfe: Bar UN polling observers

Published by Tim McNulty on .

United Nations elections observers are "integrity-deficient" and could exert "a fraudulent or corrupt influence" on Pennsylvania's elections, state Rep. Daryl Metcalfe wrote in a letter to the state's top election official today, and should face prosecution if they improperly enter polling places Tuesday.

There are 44 election observers in the U.S. from the Organisation for Security & Co-operation in Europe (OSCE) this fall observing polling nationwide at the invitation of the U.S. government. Two observers from United Nations-tied group will be in Pa through Nov. 9, but Metcalfe -- the Butler Republican and sponsor of the state's voter ID law -- wants them nowhere near polling places.

"The United Nations and its foreign nationalist subdivisions have no legal authority to even enter our polling places and should certainly not be welcomed by any level of government to inspect Pennsylvania elections," Metcalfe wrote on his website today. "United Nations monitors have no right or jurisdiction whatsoever to intrude upon the sanctity or integrity of the Commonwealth's election process."

In a letter to Secretary of the Commonwealth Carol Aichele, he continued:

"Instead of welcoming these observers with open arms, we should rather encourage these individuals to monitor our election process from the same vantage point as our media: standing outside of the polling place. Better yet, they should just stay away, along with any other integrity-deficient individuals or foreign nationals who wish to exercise a fraudulent or corrupt influence on the 2012 election. OSCE observers should be held to the same criminal prosecutions as any other individual for violations of state election law."

Letter to Secretary Aichele

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