RNC runs "It's OK" spot

Published by Tim McNulty on .

The $3 million the RNC is sinking into Pa is for an ad, above, that it's been running for some time now pushing voters to make a change in the White House. (It's not Pennsylvania-centric in other words.)

Note that even though Mitt Romney and his allies are spending millions more than Obama and his side this last week in Pa, the outside spenders (the RNC, SuperPACs, etc.) have to pay a higher rate than the presidential campaigns, so they don't get as much bang for the buck. A campaign official broke it down this way for the 3 Pa markets:

Campaign rate:

Pittsburgh – $250

Harrisburg – $220

Wilkes Barre – $165

Going rate (for independent expenditures):

Pittsburgh - $450

Harrisburg - $325

Wilkes Barre - $250

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