Romney to Pittsburgh

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Mitt Romney will reportedly end his presidential campaigning tomorrow in Pittsburgh, before waiting out election night in Boston.

The campaign announced to traveling reporters that the Republican would campaign in Ohio and Pittsburgh tomorrow but no other details were immediately released. He was supposed to end his campaigning tonight in New Hampshire before returning home to Boston to vote.

Romney held a rally on a farm in Bucks County last night for more than 25,000 last in what was thought to be his last appearance in the state. His campaign and conservative SuperPACs have poured millions in television advertising into Pennsylvania in the last week after avoiding it through the fall. The Obama campaign has responded that the Romney team has been forced to try to win the state's 20 electoral votes after seeing Obama poised to win Ohio and other key battleground states.

Visiting Pittsburgh gets the Romney team two birds for one stone, as voters in Eastern Ohio are within the city's television market. Other Pennsylvania Republican candidates such as Tom Smith for Senate and Keith Rothfus for PA12 could also see a bump in enthusiasm for their base voters through the visit.

Former president Bill Clinton stumped for Obama today in Pittsburgh before going on to other parts of the state. Romney's running mate Paul Ryan is scheduled to make a last Ohio appearance tonight in Youngstown.

UPDATE from Obama's senior communications advisor Desiree Peterkin Bell:

"According to, there have been 53 independent public polls in Pennsylvania this year and not one has had Mitt Romney in the lead, or even tied. Pennsylvania remains out of Mitt Romney's reach today, just as it was out of reach for the last five Republican candidates who made last minute plays for the state and failed to carry it.

"Mitt Romney recognizes that Ohio has moved away from him, and without it he has no plausible path to 270 electoral votes. A few days of campaigning and an avalanche of special interest funded negative TV ads will not save Romney from his policies of the past that crashed the economy and punished the middle class. Pennsylvanians are committed to moving forward with President Obama, not returning to the same tired policies that Romney is campaigning on."

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