State official: Anecdotally, turnout high

Published by Karen Langley on .

Anecdotal reports from across the state suggest turnout is heavy this Election Day, said Ron Ruman, a spokesman for the Department of State. 

Of course, we'll have better numbers for you in a few hours -- like after the polls close at 8 p.m.

At the United House of Prayer for All People, a polling spot in midtown Harrisburg, the top election official said about 20 percent of the registered voters in the ward had cast ballots by 10:30 a.m.

"That's actually really good," said Eric Selvey, who has served as judge of election for Ward 6 of the capital city for about 18 years.

The 2008 general election saw about 40 percent of registered voters in the ward turn out by the day's end, he said.

As voters approached, a poll worker asked: "Do you have photo ID, and would you like to show it?"

Voters have mostly responded positively, and most have opted to show photo ID, Selvey said.

Maria and Larry Ferenbaugh, both seniors and registered Democrats, said they both voted for a second Obama term, though not with a shared level of excitement.

"I did it with much more enthusiastically than he did," Maria Ferenbaugh said.

"I held my nose and did too," Larry Ferenbaugh said. "I dislike both of them very much."

Both said they are looking forward to quiet after the barrage of campaign-season advertising and phone calls.

"I actually answered the phone rather rudely this morning," Maria Ferenbaugh confided. "Then I had to apologize. I don't usually answer the phone that way."

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