Smith party starts in Station Square

Published by Tim McNulty on .

From Dan Majors:

The red-white-and-blue scene is set in the main ballroom at the Sheraton Station Square where Republican Senate candidate Tom Smith will greet friends, family and supporters once tonight's results become clear.

At this time, the members of the news media are setting up their electronic gear, the candidate's staff is anxiously making sure everything is in place, and the first of the 400-some well-wishers are getting their name tags and waiting for the buffet to open.

The podium from which Mr. Smith will speak is surrounded by velvet ropes, floating balloons and a pair of TelePrompters. The two giant television screens are showing live broadcasts from PCN, the local cable affiliate, and Fox News' national feed. Attempts to listen to the TVs, however, are thwarted by the country music being piped into the room.

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