Molchany wins in 22nd District

Published by Tim McNulty on .

Democratic state Rep. hopeful Erin Molchany has declared victory in the House seat in Pittsburgh's South Hills formerly held by county controller Chelsa Wagner. From her speech to supporters:

"Just seven months ago, we came together in this same place to celebrate a victory against odds of poor expectations. With dedication, we laid the foundation for a campaign based in community, a campaign that started with you and fought for the issues you care about.

"With commitment, we followed through--I never stopped--through Summer and Fall and until polls closed tonight, to work for something we can be proud of. Tonight, we did it. My voice is yours, District 22.

"I pledge to this district the same dedication and commitment and honesty and integrity that I embodied during this campaign. I pledge to fight for the hard-working people in Pennsylvania, our seniors to whom we owe so much, and to our children who are our future. It was the women who believed in me from the beginning, and I am proud to say that we're sending another woman in Harrisburg. Above all, I pledge to represent you--honestly and transparently.

"Despite our momentary differences, we are all in this together. I will never forget that."

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