Obama Pa win narrows but maintains

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Good morning. Pa and Pgh political types will be interested this morning in clicking around the county-by-county maps for president, Senate, House and within Allegheny County Andrew McGill and Laura Malt Schneiderman did for the PG (click above). Some early thoughts:

Barack Obama came close to holding onto the same counties that won him the state in 2008, but reflecting his margin drop from 10 to 5 points, the leads in the counties were smaller and in some cases lost. He did not carry Chester, Centre, Berks as he did 4 years ago, though he lost them yesterday by 2K, 20 votes (!) and 1K respectively. Still a big dropoff in Centre from the 12 pt margin and 9 point margin and Chester and Berks in 2008 though. In Philadelphia he won 85% (up from 83% four years ago) despite a dropoff of some 40K votes.

Things were status quo here in Allegheny County. Obama again won Pittsburgh's county 57-42% though with also about 40K fewer votes than in '08. Turnout in the county was 67%, a couple clicks lower than the 70% estimate.

UPDATE: Remember the plan floated last year to award electoral votes in Pa by congressional district? From Dave Weigel at Slate: "Had the PAGOP's succeeded in the scheme to split electoral votes by CD, Romney would have won 12 of 19 EVs while losing the state."

In a shocker (see map below) Pittsburgh voted for Obama while the suburbs voted for Mitt Romney.


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