Inside the Rothfus win numbers

Published by Tim McNulty on .


Republican Keith Rothfus piled up wins or increases in Allegheny, Beaver and Westmoreland counties in knocking Democratic incumbent Mark Critz out of PA12.

As noted in the story Jon Schmitz and I did for today's paper, the new 12th District was designed for a GOP pickup and that's reflected in the results. His win in the GOP-dominated North Hills of Allegheny County increased more than 14K/6pts over his 2010 results against PA4 Democrat Jason Altmire, and this time around Democratic parts of Allegheny in the A-K valley were redistricted into Mike Doyle's safe D seat.

Rothfus lost in Democratic Beaver County yesterday but still did waaaaaay better there than two years ago, when Altmire won by 16 points. This time Rothfus lost by 1 point in Beaver but picked up 15K more votes than he did in 2010. Republican mapmakers added more of increasingly Republican Westmoreland County into PA12 too as they reached down into the Critz/Murtha base in Johnstown, so there Rothfus also did well, getting almost 18K more votes than in 2010 and bascially getting close to the 60% of the vote he won then too.

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