Turnout down in Dem precincts

Published by Tim McNulty on .

Voter turnout chart

Though it didn't matter in the end, voter turnout in Democratic Pa voting precincts decreased slightly on Tuesday while it ticked up in Republican ones, writes Andrew McGill:

But at the local level, many of the classic turnout trends still apply. Grayer, wealthier communities -- Thornburg, Ben Avon Heights and Bradford Woods -- will always beat out the McKees Rocks and the Millvales in turnout. The five worst-performing communities had an average median income of just over $29,000, while the top five towns had $104,000.

Turnout in communities with a sizeable minority population also compared poorly to whiter towns, though engagement among both dropped by about the same amount from 2008. The voting precinct with the lowest turnout -- just 15 percent -- sits in a corner of the Hill District.

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