Pa. capitol in WA gov race ad

Published by Laura Olson on .


Perusing the Republican Governors Association website after posting on Corbett's leadership appointment, an ad from this year's Washington State gubernatorial contest raised an eyebrow.

In one of the negative ads launched by the RGA in the contest between Republican Rob McKenna and Democrat Jay Inslee, it appears that consultants had a mix-up with their stock footage.

The bright green dome unmistakably belongs to the capitol building in Harrisburg, Pa., not the more neutral-toned building in Olympia.

One of the commenters on the YouTube page also noted the error last week. (That may or may not have been before McKenna conceded to Inslee on Nov. 9.)

While the ad doesn't appear to be available on their webpage, our newsroom colleagues note that Pittsburgh-based BrabenderCox lists the Republican Governors Association as one of their clients.

That could explain why another stock shot in the Washington State ad may look familiar to Pennsylvanians. One of the early images is of several men in a smoke-filled room:


And here's the same shot from one of Gov. Tom Corbett's 2010 ads:


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