McCord: brilliant babbler, gov candidate?

Published by Laura Olson on .

With John Hanger already kicking off the 2014 cycle and the parade of Pennsylvania Society receptions only a week away, Philadelphia magazine is getting in on the gubernatorial fever with a profile of rumored Democratic contender Rob McCord.

The magazine doesn't really answer the question it poses about whether McCord -- who still demurs on the odds that he'll throw his name officially into the governor's race -- could defeat Republican Tom Corbett and break the two-term cycle.

But it does offer an excellent description of the technocrat-turned-state treasurer's speaking style:

Brilliant babbling—if there is such a thing—is a McCord hallmark. The words tumble out of his mouth so relentlessly that talking to him feels less like a conversation than an unedited simulcast of his inner monologue. "So I fell in love with my wife, and also with microeconomics," he says at one point, as segue to a riff on the wrongheadedness of GOP opposition to tax incentives.

At times you want to roll your eyes. And yet the overall effect is undeniably impressive. Ebullient, inquisitive and, yes, a bit undisciplined, McCord is unlike any prominent politician to cross the Pennsylvania stage in years. And he's obviously having an awfully good time.

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