Poll: PA GOP voters for compromise on fiscal cliff

Published by Karen Langley on .

A new Mercyhurst University poll shows Pennsylvania Republicans unsure who will lead their party after Mitt Romney's defeat last month. Story on that in today's PG.

Just as interesting is the survey's suggestion that state GOP members are in the mood for compromise when it comes to resolving the impending combination of tax hikes and spending cuts set to take effect in January. From the survey, conducted with 430 PA Republicans, Dec. 5 to Dec. 13, MOE +/- 4.7:

Seventy-five percent say Mr. Obama has not shown enough willingness to compromise since the  November election, and 50 percent say the same of Republicans in Congress. Similarly, 77 percent of state Republicans said Mr. Obama should have to compromise even if it requires sacrificing some of his beliefs, while 53 percent said the same of Congressional Republicans.

While Republican leaders in Congress have resisted Mr. Obama's demand for higher taxes on the wealthy, the survey found that 60 percent of Pennsylvania Republicans say a deal should include tax increases on high-income Americans along with cuts in federal spending. Twenty-eight percent said the agreement should contain only spending cuts, and 4 percent said it should consist of tax increases.

Valeria Caras, a spokeswoman for the Republican Party of Pennsylvania, defended an opposition to raising rates on high earners.

"Republicans have offered a reasonable, responsible plan to avert the fiscal cliff through spending cuts and new revenues via tax reform that close special-interest loopholes instead of raising tax rates, while President Obama and Democrats are not wavering from their agenda to raise taxes on hard-working Americans," she said in an email. "This will cost America jobs and Pennsylvania jobs."

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