Report: "Massive confusion" over voter ID

Published by Tim McNulty on .

A preliminary report by the nonpartisan Lawyer's Committee for Civil Rights Under Law on voting problems nationwide includes looks at voters being left off poll books in Philadelphia and lingering confusion over the state's voter ID law. The committee plans to send a final version to Congress next year.

On voter ID:

In Pennsylvania, following the court battle over Pennsylvania's new photo identification law and subsequent injunction, there was massive confusion across the state, which persisted through Election Day. The terms of the court decision permitted poll workers to still ask to see photo ID, though voters should have been allowed to cast a regular ballot without it in most cases. However, many voters reported being confused and deterred by the request. Election Protection received reports from across the state from voters who were improperly turned away for lacking photo ID. This was exacerbated by widespread misinformation disseminated at polling places. Voters in polling places in Dauphin County, for example, were greeted with misleading signs stating that voters must show an approved form of photo ID to vote. The state itself put out such misleading information, issuing a mailing the week before the election that read, "If you want to vote, SHOW IT....Under a new law, voters are supposed to show a form of ID" and contained no mention that voter's did were not required to show photo identification in order to vote on Election Day.

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