Kelly: Over? Did you say over?

Published by Tim McNulty on .

Reports are that onetime Notre Dame offensive lineman Mike Kelly reprised his Rudy/Win Just One For the Gipper role during last night's failed vote on John Boehner's Plan B fiscal cliff measure, wherein he tried to rally fellow Republicans to support their Speaker. (Kelly did the same thing during debt ceiling talks in the 2011 summer.)

From The Hill:

A separate lawmaker said that Rep. Mike Kelly (R-Pa.), a former Notre Dame football player, got up to make a rousing speech encouraging the leadership to keep twisting arms to get the votes needed for passage.

"No it's not over ... Whip! Tell me how short we are in votes," the lawmaker told The Hill, describing Kelly's remarks.

After House Majority Whip Kevin McCarthy said "too short," Kelly "gives his impassioned speech, this incredible speech about how when he was a kid he had a list of everything he wanted for Christmas and he didn't get everything but he was happy with what he got," the lawmaker said.

Still, leaders wouldn't budge.

Here's the Reagan Gipper speech for Jim O'Toole, Karen Langley and other Domer types. I personally prefer the Faber College rallying cry.

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