Metcalfe promises election probe

Published by Tim McNulty on .

State Rep. Daryl Metcalfe, R-Cranberry, promised today to tackle "election code" violations in the next legislative session as well as other conservative priorities. The lawmaker was a leading sponsor of the state's voter ID bill and chair of the committee that set congressional district lines during redistricting.

From a statement on his website:

On December 20, I was appointed to continue as the Majority Chairman of the House State Government Committee. I met throughout the month with my committee staff to plan for the new session. One of the issues that we are researching and developing an action plan to address is the Election Code violations that occurred in the November election.

In addition to my work as a Chairman, I also developed my individual legislative objectives for the new session, which include: reducing government spending and taxes; advancing the Right to Work; stopping teacher strikes; shutting off taxpayer-funded public benefits for illegal aliens; constitutionally defending marriage between one man and one woman; protecting the 2nd Amendment; and property tax elimination.

It is obvious that Obama and his accomplices in D.C. want to redistribute wealth by increasing the tax burden on Americans. He has like-minded allies at the state and local levels of our government, and unfortunately in both parties, as evidenced by the Butler County Republican Commissioners who are planning a tax increase for the New Year. Many who serve on our local school boards also continue to advocate the same Obama redistribution ideology, as they argue for more of the state taxpayers' money, rather than reining in out-of-control teacher union demands during contract negotiations.

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