PPP: Corbett still underwater, despite suit

Published by Tim McNulty on .

Pennsylvania voters like Gov. Tom Corbett's suit against the NCAA, according to a new Public Policy Polling study, but the governor's approval rating is still underwater at 38%. He just barely leads some of the possible 2014 Democratic challengers the pollsters tested:

We tested Corbett against 8 potential opponents for reelection in 2014, and he polls at only 40-42% against every one of them. The only one he actually trails in a head to head is his predecessor, Ed Rendell, who would start out with a 46/40 advantage were he to attempt the comeback. Corbett would be tied with Attorney General Kathleen Kane at 42%.

The rest of the Democrats we tested Corbett leads by modest margins. It's 41/38 over Michael Nutter, 41/37 over John Hanger, 42/36 over Joe Sestak, 41/35 over Rob McCord, 41/34 over Allyson Schwartz, and 41/29 over Tom Wolf. The undecideds in all of these races lean strongly Democratic- they're generally voters who disapprove of Corbett but aren't familiar yet with the potential alternatives. His consistent 40-42% standing would put him in trouble against pretty much any of these folks.

The governor's numbers are done in by his performance with women. His approval is pretty much split (though still below the line) with men (44-48%), but with women it's 30-57%.

PPP, a Democratic-leaning firm based in North Carolina, was judged to be the third-most-accurate pollster of the presidential race in a study by Fordham University.

Full results here.

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