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The election staff at the liberal site Daily Kos have finished their essential breakdown of presidential voting by congressional district in Pennsylvania, which should probably be desktop fodder for the junkiest of Early Returns readers.

Generally, they write:

There isn't all that much to say about the Pennsylvania results, as they are consistent with what we've already seen from the state. The Democratic districts are extremely so (PA-02 is 91 percent Obama; PA-13 is 66 percent), while the Republican districts are only narrowly so (PA-06 and PA-15 are both 51-48 Romney districts.)

That tracks what we've written about the interrelated effects of the GOP-driven redistricting in the state (which packs Democratic voters into a handful of urban districts and wrangles slimmer Republican advantages in others), and a state House proposal to apportion the state's electoral votes by CD (thereby giving the GOP nominee the most votes).

The Daily Kos is especially interesting in PA-12, the single district statewide targeted for a flip by the mapmakers, and won by Republican Keith Rothfus of Sewickley. Though Democrat Mark Critz was able to hold on to Allegheny and Beaver counties the DK breakdown shows just how much of an anchor Barack Obama was to his reelection -- Mitt Romney won every county in the 12th, even picking up near 58% in the North Hills suburbs of Allegheny County.

That will cause Democrats pause once they look at the seat again in 2014. On the other hand Obama won a tempting 62% in Erie, the biggest county in PA-3, where now-sophomore Republican Mike Kelly was able to hold on against a weak challenger.

PA 2012 pres-by-cd

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