Pgh property taxes, police in news

Published by Tim McNulty on .

Mayor Luke Ravenstahl is set to have an 11 a.m. press conference this morning regarding this year's property reassessments and "measures the Mayor will take to ensure property owners are not taxed out of their homes." This could include setting the city's property tax rate (which by law will have to be cut in something like half to comply with anti-windfall law) or perhaps a new homestead exemption tax break.

The mayor will also likely face questions on the latest Pittsburgh police news: early Sunday morning five off-duty officers working bar details in the South Side shot at a car in a police chase on crowded Carson Street. No bystanders were injured, but the driver and a passenger were in serious condition.

Here's my story on the other big police in the news. It looks like domestic violence was at the heart of a murder-suicide over New Years when a woman called 911 but police left her Larimer home before talking to her. But the public cannot check the call to judge police response to the domestic matter: ironically 911 calls are not public record due to confidentiality rules that Pennsylvania victim advocates lobbied for.

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