Rothfus & Sandy, Part 2

Published by Tim McNulty on .

The House is due to take another vote on Hurricane Sandy relief tomorrow, this time on a two-part package totalling $50 billion.Keith Rothfus

All eyes around Pittsburgh will be on new congressman Keith Rothfus, who voted against the last $9.7 billion package due to complaints about its impact on the national debt and the structure of nation's flood insurance program.

Rothfus, a Sewickley attorney, took a beating for the vote in the Letters to the Editor of the P-G. Jake Sternberger at the liberal site Keystone Politics wraps up some of the letters and adds:

. . . The truth is that we really can't be mad at Congressman Rothfus for voting exactly how he promised to vote during the campaign.

Rothfus was completely honest with voters about his Tea Party positions, and the voters were enthusiastic about severe spending cuts and limiting the role of government. This is precisely what the voters elected Rothfus to do, and precisely what Rothfus promised to deliver.

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