Doyle: Sober outlook

Published by Tracie Mauriello on .

Rep. Mike Doyle, D-Forest Hills said the president has become less optimistic and more realistic after four years in office but he still believes the country can come together.

"His speech back [in 2009] was filled with hope and optimism, which has not been tempered with four years of reality," Doyle said. "This president, four years later, has a much more sober outlook on what we can do, but nonetheless he challenged the country to do the things it has been resisting."

He said the country must address climate change, Medicaid, Medicare, education, market regulation, health care, gay rights and – less directly – gun control.

"He laid out the reality that's in front of us," Doyle said. "That tells me this is a president going into his second term with the govenring principle of fairness – that we're not going to foresake the most vulnerable people in our country to achieve a budget agreement."

"The aggressiveness of the agenda is a president that still intends to roll up his sleeves and get his hands dirty, not someone that's writing his history book already," Mr. Doyle said.

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