Casey: a call to action

Published by James O'Toole on .

Sen. Bob Casey praised the speech as a mixture of inspiration and practical prescriptions.

"It was a wonderful ceremony and a strong speech, inspirational in the way that he
expressed, even when we have differences, we have common values and responsibilities as elected officials and citizens.  It was very practical and focused on the challenges we confront over the next couple of months.

Commenting on the references to issues including gay rights, spending and the environment , Mr. Casey said, "I wasn't sure how specific he would be, [but]  I wasn't surprised, principally because I know hm to be committed to action;  he's very much task-oriented and focused on getting results.  He was elected not just to have a second term but a second term marked by actions ad results on pressing problems.''

"Also think it was good that he didn't gloss over the divisions,''  the Democrat added.

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