Rothfus hits federal pay, Holder

Published by Tim McNulty on .

Keith Rothfus

Fresh off his trailblazing vote against Hurricane Sandy relief, freshman congressman Keith Rothfus is supporting two new aggressive measures touching on federal spending and Attorney General Eric Holder.

The Sewickley Republican is one of 32 co-sponsors on a bill that would block a half-percent pay raise scheduled for federal employees after a two-year pay freeze. President Obama signed an executive action in late December triggering the pay increase, which will cost the federal budget an estimated $11 billion.

Unions representing current and retired federal workers oppose the measure. Congress already blocked an increase in its own pay scheduled for this year, and the House may vote tomorrow on a debt ceiling bill withholding their pay if a budget is not approved the next three months.

Rothfus has also signed onto a bill from an Arizona Republican calling on Holder to resign over the botched "Fast & Furious" operation, and it comes as the AG is set to walk universal background checks and other gun control legislation supported by Obama through Congress.

Rothfus is the only Pa Republican cosponsoring the federal pay freeze bill but Mike Kelly, R-Butler, is another cosponsor of the Holder bill.


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