Colbert highlights old electoral vote plan

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The Pennsylvania GOP made Comedy Central's news shows again Tuesday night, when Stephen Colbert highlighted Senate Majority Leader Dominic Pileggi's revamped electoral college allocation plan.

"The Colbert Report" host -- who pronounced the Delaware County Republican's name "Pe-LEG-ee," not "Pe-LEDGE-ee" -- pointed to plans in Michigan, Wisconsin, Virginia and Pennsylvania that would divide a state's presidential electoral votes based on which candidate was ahead in more congressional districts.

Colbert read a quote from Pileggi about the winner-take-all system being unfair, adding in his signature mocking tone: "Yeah, the losing party never gets to pick the president."

Pileggi's staff saw the clip, and fired off a tweet Wednesday morning that read:

I appreciate @StephenAtHome's coverage ( ), but he missed the changes to my #electoralcollege plan:

While Colbert was accurately describing the plan that Pileggi introduced last session, the senator revised his attempt for introduction this session. 

As his co-sponsorship memo from December reads, Pileggi's approach "would align Pennsylvania's electoral votes for president more closely with the state's popular vote by distributing electoral votes proportionately."

That method would mean 18 of the state's electoral votes would be allocated based on the popular vote percentage, with the other two going to the statewide winner.

Pileggi defended that plan elsewhere in the memo, arguing that the "advantage of this system is clear: It much more accurately reflects the will of the voters in our state."

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