Corbett among DGA ad targets

Published by Laura Olson on .

CorbettDGA copy

Gov. Tom Corbett's not on the ballot until next year, but his face is already plastered on the Democratic Governors Assocation website next to a large red stop sign.

The picture above is part of a series on the group's Facebook page targeting Republican governors in states considering changes to how their electoral votes are distributed to presidential candidates.

Clicking through the link takes you to DGA Action's petition page, which states that Republicans in Pennsylvania are "plotting to rig future presidential elections," and calls on Corbett to veto "this outrageous power grab."

(Last year's state legislation to rejigger electoral vote allocation died when session ended in November. A similar proposal has been re-introduced in the House, awaiting further consideration, while a revamped Senate plan has not yet been introduced.)

That's not the only place online where the DGA is blasting Corbett. Below is a screenshot of a Google ad that popped up on a article this morning.

This one links to a petition listing education cuts, teacher layoffs, and unspecified tax hikes as examples of how Corbett "is waging an all-out assault on the middle class."


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