Allegheny County holding up the whole state in voter records

Published by Andrew McGill on .

Allegheny County is holding up the bus on finalizing Pennsylvania's 2012 election results, says this morning's Post-Gazette.

Precinct-by-precinct elections data was due last month, and every other county in Pennsylvania has turned its information in.

But as February approaches, the state has one laggard.

"My understanding is that Allegheny is the last one," Department of State spokesman Ron Rumen said.

Allegheny County Division of Elections manager Mark Wolosik says several factors are to blame, but none more than a troublesome barcode:

This year, the bar code on the form voters sign when they arrive at a polling place was printed much smaller, making it more difficult for elections staff armed with supermarket-style scanners to record all 600,000 cards. If it sounds like a tedious job, that's because it is. "We will just bite the bullet and go through them and scan," Mr. Wolosik said.

Pity the poor elections employee who has that job.

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