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On a weekend where the rest of us were contemplating the future of Pittsburgh's police chief, wondering Allyson Schwartzhow a Stanley Cup contender could score just two goals over 120 minutes, or getting a weird vibe from Taylor Swift, party officials in Harrisburg were hard at work talking about an election 21 months from now and another for a statewide appellate court opening.

The main news out of the Democratic Party state committee was the possibility that MontCo's Allyson Schwartz is growing nearer to joining the governor's race next year. There are a lot of candidates buzzing around Tom Corbett's fetid poll numbers and as we noted two weeks ago, Schwartz has a health $3 million she can put into a race already.There was also speculation about her possible run in December.

Schwartz has gone from starting a women's health clinic to serving in the state Senate to joining Congress in 2005, and is on the Ways & Means committee and vice-chair of the pro-business New Democrat Coalition.

As the University of Minnesota's Smart Politics blog notes, if sucessful she would be Pa's first female governor and only the third House member in the governor's mansion in the past 100 years (after William Scranton and Tom Ridge).

The Dem committee also endorsed Philadelphia Municipal Court Judge (and former cop) Joe Waters for the state's open Superior Court spot over Pittsburgh's Mike Wojcik in a 199-62 vote. Republicans at their winter meeting chose Cumberland County's Vic Stabile, a former deputy attorney general, as their preferred candidate for the seat. Stabile also ran for the court in 2011 when he was defeated by David Wecht by 10 percentage points.

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