Breakfast Sausage: Presidents' Day edition

Published by Tim McNulty on .

Happy Presidents' Day. Everything's closed, including deliberations in Allegheny County Common Pleas Court. breakfastsausageWhich brings us to . . .

1. From the outside it seems like there's less going on with the DA's case against sitting Pa Supreme Court Justice Joan Orie Melvin than there was against her sister, former Sen. Jane Orie. But who knows: we won't find out what the jury thinks until later because Judge Lester Nauhaus gave them today off. The same judge suspended the trial to visit his aunt a couple weeks back.

2. Tracie Mauriello profiled Pat Toomey in a big front page Sunday story, noting the hard-working financial whiz is the right man for the moment in the debt-obsessed GOP, but has had some trouble making connections with local legislators.

3. "There is no truth that I forced the pope to resign,'' Rich Fitzgerald jokes in a story on the hard-charging county exec in a story by Jim O'Toole, "or that I have asked the cardinals to sign any letters.''

4. Tom Fitzgerald at the Inquirer has the latest in the repeated speculation that Congresswoman Allyson Schwartz will seek the Democratic nod for governor next year. He writes:

Democrats say that Schwartz would be a formidable candidate, with a strong regional base in Southeastern Pennsylvania, fund-raising prowess, and a high profile as the state's first potential female governor.

On the other hand, Schwartz has made thousands of votes in Congress and as a state senator beforehand. That could provide ammunition for opponents. Some Democrats also note that the GOP could exploit Schwartz's strong record of supporting abortion rights - she ran a women's clinic before entering politics - and gun-control measures in vast reaches of the state.

5. Here's news Rs and Ds can both embrace: Maker's Mark is reversing course and not cutting the alcohol content of their rightfully popular (decent but not too expensive) bourbon.

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