Breakfast Sausage: Five stories to read this morning

Published by Tim McNulty on .

It could be an interesting reelection kickoff for Mayor Luke Ravenstahl tonight in the Strip District. Why? . . .breakfastsausage

1. The FBI ongoing probe into the Pittsburgh Police Bureau has been looking at airline, grocery store, hotel and restaurant spending out of two accounts in the police credit union -- one of which is connected to the North Side police headquarters, Jon Silver and Liz Navratil report. The HQ account was at least in part funded by money from outside details -- the PG has a check from Pitt deposited into the the account and then cashed out the same day. 

2. Marty Griffin at KDKA-TV says there is a connection to Ravenstahl:

FBI agents are also looking into allegations that money was improperly used to pay for condos for high ranking city leaders to use during the G-20 summit, including Mayor Luke Ravenstahl, and Chief Harper.

3. Did we mention Pa voter ID is being put off again for the May 21 primary in advance of this summer's latest legal challenge? No? Sorry.

4. Felt something missing in your life since Sarah Palin stopped tangling with Karl Rove on Fox News? She'll be back in the national (or at least, beltway) spotlight in the middle of next month when she speaks at the Conservative Political Action Conference.

5. You know that guy who hangs out at the corner of Smithfield & Fifth Avenue carrying a big sign warning that the US power grid is under attack from the Chinese military? Turns out he's right.

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