Breakfast Sausage: Five stories to read this morning

Published by Tim McNulty on .

With the mind still reeling from the connections among meteor strikes, the Masons and the NBA draft, attention breakfastsausageturns to the five important stories to start the day:

1. Allegheny County Council approved natural gas drilling at the Pittsburgh airport but in a split vote where even Jim Burn -- Pennsylvania's Democratic Party chair -- split with county exec Rich Fitzgerald over the plan. Andrew McGill has the story.

2. The Pittsburgh VA had a chance to stop a Legionnaires' outbreak -- which has killed at least five and sickened 21 -- back in mid-2011 but didn't, Sean Hammill writes.

3. A crowd of more than 200 people attended Mayor Luke Ravenstahl's reelection kickoff at the old Obama headquarters in the Strip District last night, where Jim O'Toole covered the incumbent taking a shot at Fitzgerald, pointed to growth in the city's job force and neighborhood development and (of course) avoiding any mention of the ongoing FBI probe of the police bureau. It's worth clicking on the story just for the picture of 4-year-old son Cooper -- who ran through the crowd at his dad's call -- standing at attention.

4. Pennsylvania will be among the most-impacted states in military cuts due in the March 1 sequestration, USA Today writes, with more than $1 billion in cuts. Scroll to the bottom of their story for details.

5. Pens-Flyers. Enough said.

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