Lamb presses mayor on police accounts

Published by Tim McNulty on .

City Controller Michael Lamb's mayoral campaign is back with more on the ongoing FBI investigation of police bureau finances/checking accounts, asking (among other things) if Mayor Luke Ravenstahl's police security detail was in any way involved.

Full statement from the Lamb team after the jump:

PITTSBURGH – In light of further revelations of an investigation into a Pittsburgh Police credit union account, Michael Lamb called on Mayor Luke Ravenshahl to give the people of Pittsburgh answers to several questions.

"Mayor Ravenstahl always appears to be the last to know what is happening within his Administration and addresses issues only after all of Pittsburgh has demanded answers," said Lamb.

"I have four questions of my own for the Mayor that I believe we, the citizens of Pittsburgh, deserve answers to:

"After first claiming no knowledge of the credit union account, you have now indicated you did know about it. When did you find out?

"Why are you defending the Police Bureau's use of an unauthorized bank account?

"You have suggested that the account was properly used for city business, including the 2009 G-20 Summit. Why would a secret account be needed to help pay for official Pittsburgh business?

"Beyond the G-20, have you or your security detail benefitted from this secret fund in other ways?

"The people of Pittsburgh deserve to have a Mayor who is honest with them and can be trusted to report questionable and illegally activity when it is discovered."

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