Breakfast Sausage: Five stories to read this morning

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Getcha popcorn ready. It's another crazy day:breakfastsausage

1. One of Mayor Luke Ravenstahl's former police bodyguards says the mayor knew about the debit cards currently being investigated by the FBI and had his security detail use them to avoid media inquiries about his purchases. Ravenstahl and public safety chief Mike Huss deny the allegations and say the bodyguard is friends with other cops caught up in the probe, Jon Silver and Rich Lord write.

2. Oh yeah: a state Supreme Court Justice was also found guilty of public corruption right across the street from the mayor's office yesterday afternoon. The jury weighing the case of Jon Orie Melvin and her sister Janine never once used the word "aquittal," the foreman tells Paula Reed Ward. PS, what the hell were sheriff's deputies doing escorting the convicted criminals and forcibly keeping the media away from them after the decision?

3. A senior Allegheny County Council staff memor issued a memo listing severe concern with the county's $500 airport drilling deal, but few council members received it before their vote this week, writes Andrew McGill.

4. Damien Soffer, the politically-connected developer who helped turn a desolate former steel works in the South Side into a thriving mall-scape (Cheesecake Factory!!), is no longer working for his namesake company. "There were issues," his lawyer tells Mark Belko.

5. Need a palliative? A shoeshine man at Children's Hospital has given the institution more than $200 grand in tips over 30 years. About a third of his lifetime slary has gone to sick children. (Note: as it's petition period, there's plenty of time for Albert Lexie to run for office if he's interested.)

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