Breakfast Sausage: Five stories to read this morning

Published by Tim McNulty on .

You have permission to read this in bed and stay there all week -- the weather's going to be worse than Seth breakfastsausageMacFarlane at the Oscars (and like him, due to high ratings probably not going anywhere).

1. The Mod Squad is back with a new story on the FBI probe of the Pittsburgh police, with clerical workers in the special events office complaining they've been unfairly targeted (and put on leave) while other police officials are still on the job. Also, they don't know former mayoral bodyguard Fred Crawford as the mayor's people asserted. In related news a federal judge denied a city attempt to delay a police abuse trial due to the probe and Chief Nate Harper's firing.

2. Moriah Balingit has documents showing police made $6.1 million last year in the secondary employment at the heart of the probe and that doesn't even count the monies paid directly to cops without accounting oversight.

3. Gambling-related crimes are increasing around the Pittsburgh area, such as the one involving an Allegheny Health System official charged Monday with stealing $700K to fuel his gambling habit. PS, Keno!!!

4. There were a bunch of stories out yesterday about the two GOP plans to restructure the way Pa awards its electoral votes but nothing has changed since we last wrote about the plans in December.

5. The ACC gave Pitt a helluva housewarming present for this fall, with the Panthers opening against Free Shoes and closing against The U in the former Backyard Brawl slot.

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