Breakfast Sausage: 5 stories to read this morning

Published by Andrew McGill on .

SEQUESTER SEQUESTER SEQUESTER SEQUESTER SEQUESTER ... there. Already starting to lose its harsh ring, isn't it?

1. City council tiptoes around cleaning up shop at the police department's Special Events division, submitting a plan to transfer control of revenue to the city finance office. "Well, I'll be darned!" says Farmer MacGregor. "That horse done already left the barn."

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 2. If you're new to the maelstrom of scandal that is the Pittsburgh Police Department, here's a graphic explaining the investigation. More confused? If not, City Paper has a great story looking at Mayor Luke Ravenstahl's insistence that he is "not a target."

3. Pennsylvania AG Kathleen Kane, a champion of the voter ID-less during her campaign, says she's debating whether to contest the law now that she's in office. If she does, it'll be her second smackdown against Gov. Tom Corbett's agenda after deep-sixing lottery privitization. Also, she's not using coasters on Corbett's former desk.

4. Our Tracie Mauriello reports on U.S. Sen. Pat Toomey's plan to give President Barack Obama latitude in spreading the cuts coming in the looming sequester. Really makes you long for the days when it was just the "fiscal cliff," amiright?

5. And for some cute and fuzzy: State legislators are considering a record number of "pro-animal" bills, including regulations on using animals as target practice, selling shark fins or chaining up your dog overnight, the Inquirer reports.

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