Smith pushes new ALFTSL cut

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Speaker of the House Sam Smith, Republican of Punx. . . Puncks . . . the place that Groundhog Day is about, has reintroduced his bill seeking to reduce the size of America's Largest Full-Time State Legislature. The bill reducing the House from 203 to 153 members passed the lower chamber 140-49 last year but was never taken up by the Senate.

As Smith explains in his sponsorship memo below, he's going with a different strategy this year that leaves the Senate to its own devices:

Posted: February 27, 2013 09:55 AM
From: Representative Samuel Smith
To: All House members
Subject: Co-Sponsorship: SMITH - Reducing the Size of the House
Last session, the House of Representatives passed my House Bill 153 to reduce the size of the General Assembly. As some may recall, as I introduced this bill, it was a joint resolution to amend the Constitution to reduce the size of the House of Representatives to 153 members. In the near future, I plan to again introduce this joint resolution.

In drafting the joint resolution last session I decided to propose to only reduce the size of the House of Representatives. I reasoned that it would be best for the House to determine the size of its august body and allow the Senate to make a similar determination in regard to the size of its body. When the resolution was before the House last session, the majority of members adopted an amendment to include a provision to reduce the size of the Senate to 38 members. The resolution was later passed by the House and sent to the Senate for its consideration. The Senate never took up House Resolution 153 and the bill subsequently died at the end of the legislative session.

In reflecting upon the legislative history of House Resolution 153, I have decided that I would reintroduce this legislation in the same form as I had introduced it last session. While I appreciate the rationale and eagerness for an amendment to include the Senate in this resolution, I am hopeful that we will be able to pass this resolution this session in a manner that only addresses the House of Representatives. I strongly believe that this scenario will provide for a greater opportunity for consideration by the Senate.

Please consider co-sponsoring this legislation.

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