Breakfast Sausage: 5 stories to read this morning

Published by Andrew McGill on .

breakfastsausageWe're writing this to you from the safe room at Early Returns HQ, where we're keeping a few feet of good ol' American steel between us and the army of zombies that have descended on Grant Street. They're everywhere!

Though they prefer to be called "mayoral candidates."

1. As Jim O'Toole reported yesterday, county councilman William Robinson may offer himself as tribute to Pittsburgh's Hunger Games. He'd be the first black candidate to join the mayor's race, which has already added city council president Darlene Harris, Jack Wagner and possibly state Sens. Jim Ferlo and Wayne Fontana to its ranks.

2. And as city controller Michael Lamb clinches the Democratic endorsement for mayor by default, Chris Potter at City Paper asks if party endorsements still matter at all. "Well, of course they do!" say Democratic Party endorsers, hurriedly stuffing the $7,000 consideration fees into their pockets.

3. Residents on the South Side have somehow managed to get a substantial portion of East Carson Street restricted to residential parking between noon and midnight, angering business owners. Say it with me now...

4. City council agrees one three things they all want in their new police chief: bulging muscles, the ability to fly and an S-shield.

5. In honor of the debate over privatizing the Pennsylvania lottery, Yahoo! News (big time!) has the top five moments in local lottery history. Keep on scratchin'!

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