Pgh Airport: Metaphor for Obama's America

Published by Tim McNulty on .


WSJ columnist Peggy Noonan says America has lost its muscle, its efficiency and its competitiveness because Obama isn't focused on job creation. She knows this because of how depressing the Pittsburgh airport is.

From her column today:

I'm in Pittsburgh, making my way to the airport hotel. The people movers are broken and we pull our bags along the dingy carpet. There's an increasing sense in America now that the facades are intact but the machinery inside is broken.

Salon's Alex Pareene does a breakdown:

Peggy Noonan went to Pittsburgh and it made her sad, and a little scared. Everyone I talk to says Pittsburgh is lovely, but Peggy Noonan simply did not like the airport, or the airport hotel. (Maybe Peggy Noonan should've gone during the baseball regular season; PNC Park is supposed to be super nice.) This is all Obama's fault, because of the sequester. Also the federal tax code, which is "a killer of the spirit of guts ..." Guts have spirits.

Photo: Flickr, Skeddy in NYC

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