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Published by Tim McNulty on .

Like Rich Fitzgerald, politicos and other big names across the state are going to be embarrassed by this Pa Turnpike investigation, even if they're not directly implicated or named.

Go to page 77 of the grand jury presentment and you'll read about PNC Bank wining and dining Bob Mellow at Yankees games after getting turnpike bond work in 2005. And "gubernatorial candidate #1" -- whose first term began in 2003 -- is clearly Ed Rendell. From page 3:

Joseph Brimmeier is the former Chief Executive Officer ("CEO") of the Pennsylvania Turnpike Commission. Brimmeier was a campaign confidant for Gubernatorial Candidate #1. Following the successful campaign, the Governor appointed Brimmeier CEO of the Turnpike on February 4, 2003. As Chief Executive Officer of the Turnpike, Brimmeier was bound by the requirements of the State Ethics Act. Numerous witnesses testifying before the Grand Jury described Brimmeier as heavy-handed and extremely involved in all major decisions at the Turnpike.

Plenty more in there about bid-rigging, bribery, make-work jobs and many other big names and companies for those who care to read the full 85 pages.

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