Breakfast Sausage: 5 stories to read this morning

Published by Tim McNulty on .

The Post-Gazette has every angle of the Pope Francis angle covered, but there is more happening today too. Take a slug of coffee, abreakfastsausage big breath, and read on . . .

1. O'Toole and Langley devoured the grand jury presentment on the Pa Turnpike and got a response from Ed Rendell, aka gubernatorial candidate #1.

2. The chief of Pittsburgh's troubled police bureau, Regina McDonald, transferred a commander after she criticized her in the P-G. This comes as businesses that pay a lot for off-duty police, such as the Steelers, are complaining about city plans to hike an off-duty surcharge when the police brass can't even account for the spending.

3. Good news and bad in the latest Census Bureau figures for the Pittsburgh region. More people are moving in than moving out for the fifth year in a row, but deaths still outnumber births.

4. Hillary Rodham Clinton is the early leader in the 2016 presidential clubhouse in Pa, Quinnipiac reports. No surprise there as she won the state's primary back in 2008 over some other dude.

5. Pitt gets its first March Madness test -- in its last Big East Tournament -- today at 2 p.m. versus old foe Syracuse.

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