Ravenstahl calls for officer's termination after taser incident

Published by Andrew McGill on .

Mayor Luke Ravenstahl says the city police officer involved in a videotaped Taser incident on the South Side yesterday had better start cleaning out his desk.

"Somebody better give me a pretty good reason as to why he should not be fired," the mayor said at an event today in Carrick.

The video shows Detective Frank Rende ordering Mark Keyser, who was arrested, from the bar. Mr. Keyser is leaving when Detective Rende walks after him, Taser in hand.

It's unclear what happens when they encounter one another, but Mr. Keyser falls suddenly to the ground.

Detective Rende wrote in a criminal complaint that he did not use the Taser, but threatened to. He claims Mr. Keyser tripped.

Mr. Ravenstahl said he believes Mr. Rende should be fired whether he deployed the Taser or not. He plans to meet with acting Chief Regina McDonald and Public Safety Director Mike Huss to discuss the matter but was nearly certain he would call for Detective Rende's termination.

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