Breakfast Sausage: 5 stories to read this morning

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breakfastsausageGood morning, unless you're CNN, we suppose. Here are your morning links:

1. Mayor Luke, stuffed with a hearty course of lame duck, wants to fire the officer who threatened a South Side partier with a Taser Sunday. Cue grumbles from the police union, since the officer never actually fired his weapon. Can we just mention this is the same cop who once responded to a domestic call in 1999 -- and returned to have sex with the woman involved later that night? ("I screwed up a little bit with my wife," he said later.)

2. Liquor privatization is headed to the state House floor, though with a few changes. Legislators stripped provisions allowing beer in grocery stores from Gov. Tom Corbett's plan and will ease exiting state stores out more slowly. Don't get excited yet: Similar measures were proposed last year but didn't get a vote.

3. A Cumberland County minister has announced a run for governor (slightly newer AP story here). State Democratic Party Chairman Jim Burn said he met the guy last year and was impressed with his "very deep convictions", though he didn't sound as impressed about his statewide appeal. Pretty snazzy website, though. 

4. Turnpike CEO Mark Compton is warnin' ya: There will be no more corruption on these highways, so long as he's sheriff.

5. Four former Pa. governors says state appellate judges, including now-convicted Supreme Court Justice Joan Orie Melvin, should be appointed and not elected. Govs. Thornburgh, Rendell, Leader and Ridge signed a letter telling state officials that forcing judges to campaign cramps their credibility -- or, you know, can put them in jail.

Today's state holidays: Pennsylvania Farm Bureau Day, Arts Education Advocacy Day, Life Sciences Day.

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