Harris team fires up the Commodore 64

Published by Tim McNulty on .

Tech savvy says a lot about politicians these days -- the Obama's camp's embrace of it helped win reelection and the lack thereof stamped a big FAIL on Team Romney come election day. In the Pittsburgh mayoral race Michael Lamb and Bill Peduto have professional sites (as did Luke Ravenstahl) and Jack Wagner has a splash page. Jake Wheatley doesn't have one apparently -- making one wonder how seriously he's taking a run -- though newcomer A.J. Richarson does (complete with a PayPal button). Republican Josh Wander has a Facebook page.

So what to say about Darlene Harris's site? It's . . . old-school. As in when one clicks on the donation link, up pops a half-upside-down pdf to print out, fold up, and mail to the campaign. And it uses the pic from the city's official city council webpage. See for yourself:


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