Lunch Sausage: 5 stories to read today

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Afternoon, Early Returners.

Normally, March Madness refers to the most magical month in college athletics, when a commuter school coached by a prodigy scarcely older than his players can upset the former national champions, when a Florida school you've never heard of coached by a software company founder you've never heard of can dunk their way to the Sweet Sixteen and when the son of an Iranian candy factory operator can become Oregon's newest hoops hero. 

But it could also refer to the bevy of insane headlines we've had this month or this weather. Here's a bit of both:

1. If you've been living in a cave without wifi, or perhaps under a news blackout because your serving on a state grand jury, you might not have heard that ousted Pittsburgh police Chief Nate Harper was indicted on federal charges. Rich Lord has a follow on what his plans to plead guilty to the charges mean.

2. A filmmaker claims Jerry Sandusky has exonerated Joe Paterno in a jailhouse interivew. The title for John Ziegler's forthcoming documentary is "Framing Paterno." It's a good thing Sandusky hasn't done anything to burnish his credibility. 

3. The story of the Ohio prosecutor asking for the death penalty for Punxsutawney Phil is still hanging on, sort of like winter weather. The Associated Press has the latest on Phil's handler serving as the fall guy

4. Convicted Pennslvania Supreme Court Justice Joan Orie Melvin announce her resignation today.

5. Marginally better news for the Pittsburgh Police Bureau: the city was held not liable for an officer who attacked a motorist in a road rage incident. Rich Lord has the story here.

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